söndag 27 juli 2008

Update of the Unander Family tree

I am Jan Unander and I have the ambition to update the Family tree which has become a real challenge as so many of our ancestors moved to the US. Also there are 3-4 Unander family branches with different roots and connections to the family.

I am in the possession of two books written by W A Unander that still work as the "guide " to trace the connections and I am willing to try to place you into the that tree if I know a little bit more about you.

If you can give me the names of your father, grandfather, grand grand father and if possible his father they should be registred in the book. Of course it is even easier to be sure if you also have their dates of birth.

My intention is to create a database with access for all registred Unanders to read and also complete with own information over time. It can be extended with more funtionality but it is better to start with something simple and than add new things to it.

Unander is quite an unusual name in Sweden where it has it origins. Only 176 persons in Sweden have Unander as their Family name. If you than split this between the 3-4 branches you will find that your family name is quite unique. White pages in US say they have 105 "Results matching Unander". A few duplicates but still if phone numbers mostly go to families and in average 3-4 persons are connected to that number there are 3-400 Unanders in the US. Of course a very unique name in US.

For your information if you did not know it, Unander is based on two words Un & ander.

Un is an abbreviation of the name of the village Ununge where our family name was first used. This today very small village (620 inhabitants) is situated just north east of Stockholm in Sweden. Originally the village was named Hunungahæred in year 1287 and then populated by unungar.

Ander is told to me to originate from the greek word "άνδρας" that corresponds to "man"- please comfirm if you know the greek language. The story tells that Unander means Man from Ununge or in swedish Unungsman.

If you are interested to know more about the Unander family and identify your own branch connections please reply on this request either on this blogg page or to jan@unicab.se.

Jan Unander